Redmi Note 4g Lte Is Not (fast)booting

Jul 7, 2013
I have used the Redmi Note 4G for quite some time, with several custom European ROMs.
However, it suddenly stopped booting. The screen stays black after showing the MI logo.

I assume something is wrong with the last ROM installation, so I went for fastbooting and flash a new ROM. BUT.....when I tried:
  1. Removing and replacing the battery and holding down volume while pressing the power button to enter fastboot. No result, still black screen.
  2. Connect a Windows 10 PC. The phone does not respond and Windows 10 reports an error on the USB connection and then disconnects the device.
  3. Using Mi PC Suite version Same as above; phone is detected shortly, then error is reported and disconnection follows. That proces loops a few time connecting, error, disconnect and then stops.
So basically I am now stuck with a phone that is not (fast)booting nor connecting over USB.
Any suggestions how I could work around this and install a fresh ROM?

Thanks upfront, Koen