Redmi Note 5 Global Suddenly Bricked EDL using MIUI.EU 8.7.26 with ANTI 3

Aug 9, 2018
I'll make a detailed explanation because what happened doesn't make sense

I bought my RN5 a month ago and i wait for 15 days to Unlock BL , between this time i changed to the Beta 8.7.5 ( Anti 3), when all this story of Antirollback happened, i decided to go back to 9.5.17(anti 3) and unlock my BL, everything went fine and i came to MIUI.EU 8.6.28, after that i went to the P Treble and stayed for only 1 hour and got back to MIUI.EU, when the MIUI.EU 8.7.26 released, i updated and i've been using everyday without problem, but TUESDAY this happened :

I went to the street, used the Uber app and came back to home like always, as i can remember, the phone had 50% battery. A couple minutes later i was using the web whatsapp on PC and the software disconnected, at the first moment i didn't understood because the wifi was online, but when i took my RN5 he was turned off and didn't turned on anymore. I tried to power on the device and nothing, when i put on PC, i got this message on the device manager

qualcomm hs-usb qdloader 9008

He is on EDL mode and i can't do anything, he was ANTI 3, i tried to flash with miflashbeta, miflashpro, miflash old, but the only way that probably will work is with the xiaomi ID Authorization because every version fails ( Only Sig Nop and Sig Tag, Port errors and needing authorization).

REMEMBER : He was ANTI 3 but he got a EDL mode like ARB downgrade??????

Please Help and i appreciate tour understanding