Redmi note 9 pro lags after update


Jun 6, 2021
My redmi note 9 pro was doing great it was fast no bugs... On android 10 (hmnote9proeu qjzmixm)
But after updating to rjzmixm which is android 11 it runs like a total piece of trash. lags like hell and gets really hot during charging. Boots for like 3 minutes (compared to about 30secs on android 10) and sometimes even randomly reboots. I really regret updating from android 10 to 11. Do i need to preform a data wipe? Will that help? If yes should i do it normally in settings or wipe data manually in recovery? If a data wipe won't help. I want to downgrade and i don't know how to do that... I really don't want to wipe my data now but if im gonna be 100% sure it will fix those lags i will do it. What should i do?