Redmi Pro - Bluetooth/ Wifi Problems - Fix Under Latest Stable Miui

Discussion in 'Redmi Pro' started by axelmett, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. axelmett


    Jan 15, 2017
    Never posted own thread in this forum, but would like to share the abovementioned/ my experiences so far about the Redmi Pro.

    My Redmi Pro was bought locally in China for around 222 EUR, in December 2016 (at a Shenzhen shopping mall I believe, eldest brother bought it for me and took it to Belgium, Europe). It is the 4GB/128GB Business Edition version.

    The Redmi Pro has pretty good specs, what I mostly love is the decent (but not great, but still decent :) ) OLED screen, as well as the 4GB Ram and 128GB storage (around 118GB available for the user I believe).
    Camera is however just above average (better pictures can be taken through third party camera app, but I don't mind).

    HOWEVER the dreadful battery standby drain problem as well as intermittent Bluetooth and WiFi connection drops were a pain in the a** ... .
    The battery drain problem has a fix (flashing the 'fix deep sleep' zip file under TWRP recovery), however, through every MIUI update, Bluetooth and WiFi disconnection drops kept coming back ... . No such problems in airplane mode, but you do not by a smartphone to solely use it under airplane mode ... .

    I stuck to the Redmi Pro, as I am a basic user only.
    Unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP recovery and flashed and updated mostly Xiaomi.EU roms. (as well as the deep sleep fix file)
    All in all more or less satisfied.

    Xiaomi released in december 2017 a new MIUI 9 stable rom version v. After a long time, which I overlooked for a while ... . Shortly after, Xiaomi.EU also released a new stable version based on the official one.

    And i must say and stress: this latest stable rom release has fixed all issues for me, for now!
    Bluetooth and WiFi just keeps working, no restart/ airplane mode needed anymore, and also battery life (as well as in standby) improved dramatically.
    I can recommend everyone to install this stable MIUI version as soon as possible!!!!

    I firstly performed a hard rest under TWRP recovery, which deleted everything (including android os) exept TWRP.
    I mounted my RedmiPro through TWRP as a flash drive to my pc, and copied the latest stable rom file.
    Flashed it under TWRP, did not flash the 'fix deep sleep zip', and just rebooted into android.

    After more then 4 days of intensive use, for now, I haven't had any issue with this smartphone any more. Bluetooth and WiFi work stable, as well as battery drain not noticed anymore (device goes to 'deep sleep' when screen is off). I do however live in a city and do have LTE 4G connection on both sims, which could be the reason that the deep sleep issue is not occuring at the moment.

    I will test further, and will update this post within a month or so. Whether Bluetooth and WiFi will keep working, as well as regarding deep sleep battery drain.

    After more then a year, perhaps I will finally by 'fully' satisfied about this smartphone? Who knows, fingers crossed, didn't expet a new MIUI 9 stable rom release anymore, but thank you Xiaomi!
  2. barneyrubble

    Jan 25, 2018
    Hi, how is the Bluetooth issue since you reflashed?

    I'm going mental trying to sort my redmi pro 4 as it keeps dropping bluetooth connections at random when in the car on calls.

    ImI on global stable 9.2.3

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