Reduce Icon Size, Display Full Icon Text

Feb 18, 2011
Hey guys, couple of questions:

1) The homescreen icons are a bit big for my liking. Is there any way to reduce their size? ADW launcher EX (and maybe the free version) has an option to resize icons, but I don't see one with MIUI.

2) I realize that I can edit the text of the icons on my homescreen; however, is there a way to allow MIUI to display the full text of the icon title (without shortening the text itself?) See screenshot below, where the full text of certain icons is cut-off (e.g. VLC Remote and SoundHound).


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Nov 22, 2010
MIUI hasn't this feature. But you can wrote an simple ICON-Theme.
But it's a lot of work:
Get every .apk - extract it with WinRAR or something else - go to the /res/ folder, get the icon, throw it into PS or something, resize it, and make a new folder with this a folder like 'com.name1.name2' - named like the APK and insert there the folders (/res/ mainly, or? ;) ) and to this with every apk.
Taddaa - the ICONs are smaller. ;)