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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

This week will see the last of V4 support. From next week expect the development team to be focused on V5 of MIUI ROM. The first candidate for release will be the Xiaomi MI-2.

We've already had the benefit of getting our build-bot ready for V5 so we will have MI-2 users covered within about 10 mins of Chinese release.

From that point we do not have any schedule for other devices but rest-assured we will do our best to keep people posted.

To save some stupid questions:

What phones get MIUI v5?
First the Xiaomi MI-2. Then who knows. Stop asking, Kittens DIE!​
Samsung SSGSII has JB. When do we get JB MIUI?
We dont have a release date, dont ask! Kittens DIE!​
So 3.2.22 is the last MIUI v4 ROM?
Yes. Thanks for reading. We will try and put out lots of devices for the last ever MIUI v4 build.​
My device has bugs?
Use our Bug Report form.​

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