remove Chinese bloatware

Aug 2, 2013
hi, so i just received my xiaomi mi3 WCDMA 16gb phone today, im 100 % sure its original.
so when i opened it it had a lot of chinese apps , i want to get rid of them all.
i downloaded playstore , and i updated to the latest stable build rom version from the updater itself.
I also went to factory reset from the settings, but unfortunately im stuck with these chinese apps + a chinese pinyan keybored + when booting after the mi logo comes another logo ( WO) which is i thnk the chinese carrier company.
can someone please tell me how to get a fresh English miui ROM with the keyboard , without chinese apps, and without the chinese carrier animation whne booting ?
thanks :D
Aug 2, 2013
ohh cool , are your roms and the ones available on the same?
or whats the difference?
when i update it i'd have to download it again from this site?
Sep 22, 2013
whats the difference?
there few differences
-removed chinese yellowpage in dialer
-removed chinese Voice assistant
-removed chinese keyboard
-removed chinese GameCenter and SuperMarket
-added internationnal characters for dialer
-added Google apps
-fixed chinese strings in theme store
-few fixes here and there
and more which i don't remember..
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