HTC Reoccuring reboot - audio related?

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by Political Heretic, May 15, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I need some help. With every release of MIUI V4 I have been getting reoccuring hangs, leading to a soft reboots.

    This seems related to playing music - its only occurred when using the MIUI music app, spotify, or playing downloaded audio clips. Sometimes I can listen for long periods of time just fine, sometimes when I unplug headpones it will hang before soft rebooting. Every once in a while it will soft reboot right in the middle of playing a track just sitting on my desk (no headphones).

    First, is this a known issue?

    Second, here's detail about my phone:

    Sensation (non-XE)
    Firmware (currently 3.32 but I've had 3.24 and had identical problems)
    Stock battery (I have an Anker battery and I heard sometimes they cause issues, switched it out, still having issues with stock battery)

    I did full wipe of everything, all cache and partitions before ROM installs - have had this issue on each new release of MIUI since V4. Did NOT have this with gingerbread miui.

    No other mods, using the kernel that comes with MIUI weekly releases.

    Any thoughts? I absolutely love MIUI but this is frustrating as hell.
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    Hey. You are not alone, I have been having this problem with miui since the first sensation release. I have tried just about everything including different kernels. So I am at a loss as well, tried flaux, bricked, and sabains kernels with all the same result. Is someone could figure this out it would be awesome.
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    Same, I think it's probably a bug with the ROM itself so have to wait until they fix it I guess.

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