Request and help for MIUI port to galaxy sl i9003

Dec 26, 2011
ok people here it goes....
there is a guy domink known as fuss132 on xda.he is trying to port MIUI for our phone and within only 3 days he got a lot of things working in the rom.But he couldn't get the miui framework and some miui apps along with the MIUI launcher to work on the phone because he doesn't have the MIUI sources.he's trying very hard for it.the whole samsung galaxy sl community would be thankful to anyone who could help him AS HE IS WORKING ALONE ON THE PROJECT.any developing team who could help him please do.we would be really thankful to all of you.every little help would count.i9003 is a powerfull device but since it was sold in only some parts of the world thats why people dont know about its potential.we have very small number of developers and we dont want them to get frustrated and leave our phone thats why we are asking for help.and if someone have the sources and can port it to our device then please do that.i hope you understand my feeling.thank you in advance.