robot vacuum cleaner will not connect


Nov 16, 2016
I recently acquired a robot vacuum cleaner which anounces itself as rockrobo-vacuum-v1_miapAA73.. Tis is a wifirouter address that apparently is setup in the robot cleaner.
I can see the robot in my network (it has a correct IP-address and I can ping it. However, that's all I can do.
Several times I have tried to contact it using the app but when I start scanning for the device it cannot be found. In the instrucrions it says to move the robot closer to the router but that is useless as the network says the robot has 80% signal strength thus that is not the case.
Next to the vacuum robot I have 2 xiaomi telephones (a mi4c and a A1) so I'm well known with the company.
The vacuum cleaner works OK (just as the phones) except I cannot use the app.
My settings are: region: Netherlands
language: English

Hopefullysomebody can clarify this so I can use the full capacity of the vacuum cleaner.
Thanks in advance,
J.L. Blom