Samsung [ROM][03-DEC][2.3.7] MIUI-NB (1.12.2) "Smartness Meets Smoothness"

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    # Mere Theming is not DEVELOPMENT of MIUI ROM it's just for attracting crowd.
    This ROM is Developed as well as Themed.
    # You may check some of AWESOME ICS, SGS II & Sense Themes below!!!


    Presenting a new ROM based on MIUI 2.3.7 => MIUI-NB
    The ROM is successor of EnhancerMOD 360. And therefore, it has almost all the features from it.

    This is highly customized and my personal ROM.
    For those, who dislike customized and enhanced ROMs, please stay away.. do not complain.

    • MIUI-NB Theme. No more stock orange. This theme is created from resources of Chinese Developers, heavily modified by me.** UPDATED **
    • GPS Bug in MIUI Base Fixed. Works Best Now
    • UI Smoothness Boosted ** NEW **
    • Superior GPS Scripting. Works harder for you. Please use "FasterFIX" to set your location and then reboot. Use AngryGPS to test. Lock in 3 seconds.
    • AngryGPS Modded for easy interface.
    • Overclocked upto 1.2GHz for lag-free experience.
    • ICS edition of Google Maps with Navigation and ICS's Music App.
    • Google Talk 2
    • Powerful Scripting. makes your phone fly.
    • FFC Support for FFC Users!! Flash FFC Kernel from below.
    • Extended Settings. Center Clock is back, baby!
    • Super Optimized Framework - Loads faster than before.
    • Super Optimized System Applications - It can't get better than this!!
    • New REMOUNT scripts to save CPU Cycles. Saves Battery.** UPDATED **
    • Added more essential apps.
    • Automatic CPU Kernel Governor Profile Switching. Power Saving + Performance + Smart Battery Management.
      Saves Power when needed + Gives Performance when feasible and required.
    • JuiceDefender added and pre-configured to switch off unused data connections. Saves hell lot of battery.
    • New Bold Look and Powerful Widget Interface. New Lockscreen.
    • Market Fixed and Latest with updated features.
    • Forced KB5 Modem Install. :D ** DEPRECATED **
    • More 3G Tweaks, notify if you feel change in speed/performance.
    • Added Loopy Smoothness Tweak, extra smooth launcher.
    • ICS Keyboard
    • ICS Launcher ** Download Addon Pack Below **
    • ICS Live Wallpaper, *Surprise* Live Wallpapers and more apps.(Download via Addons link) Go show off!! ** Download Addon Pack Below **
    • New Wallapers on SD Card from Sidekick 4G.
    • System folder now lot smaller. This may enhance performance.
    • Advanced Graphic Drivers with Nvidia Tegra Plugin. (Install via Chainfire from Addons link below.) ** Download Addon Pack Below **
    • WifiKill added - Rule over Wifi Bandwidth. ** DOWNLOAD FROM ATTACHMENT **
    • Edited Build.prop for maximum performance and quality.
    • Tweaked for Smoothness and Speed.
    • Bloats Removed.
    • Glitch kernel with Voodoo Sound and Color. ** NEW **
    • MIUI Stock Superuser Replaced for easy interface.
    • Task Killers, Cache Cleaner, and CPU enhancers added.
    • Zip Alignment for better performance.
    • Superior RAM Management - No more lag.
    • Never seen/used before scripts for tweaking system on Vibrant. ** UPDATED **
    • Bass Boost via DSP Manager. ** UPDATED TO LATEST **
    • Color Tuning and Sound Boost possible via Voodoo control app added.
    • Added CPU Spy and Android System Info tools.
    • Google Maps pre-installed along with AngryGPS and FasterFix. Gmail and Gtalk moved to Data folder.
    • Internet Security - Surf more securely now.
    • Ads Blocked - Say bye to more than 25000 ads. ** Back to Old Blocking Servers **
    • 2G/3G Data and WiFi tweaks to save battery and more speed.
    • Automatic switching off of wireless data connection when your screen goes off and putting your phone in deep sleep / standby mode. Even your Vibrant deserves break, doesn't it ?
    • System Info Tool and CPU Spy for detailed info what's going on your system.

    Screenshots: (Theme is updated for 1.12.2)

    Special Screens

    Do not try to edit anything inside the file, as I have added new scripts to make customization go smooth. Please take backup of your apps, messages and everything except for launcher layout before you proceed.

    Do not install any Kernel or whatever via CWM. You may break the tweaks added by me.
    I am not responsible for anything you do with your mighty Vibrant or if anything happens or anything doesn't work as expected.
    You have been warned!


    Installation Steps (Read Twice):

    1. You got all things backed up, right? Reboot in Recovery
    2. Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Just to get installation faster.
    3. Flash the downloaded NB Rom.
    4. Reboot. Let it settle for 5 minutes after lockscreen appear. ************** IMPORTANT **************
    5. Unlock and reboot.
    6. Allow any root permissions if asked.
    7. Now it will show the customized HomeScreen. Let it settle as much as you can.
    8. DO NOT RESTORE "LAYOUT" FROM YOUR BACKUP unless your previous ROM was MIUI-NB.

    Post - Installation Recommedations:
    1. Hope its settled. Now click on clock and set your time zone.
    2. Open FasterFIX, set your location. Reboot.
    3. Open AngryGPS and do Lock-on-Satellite Test.
    4. Do charge cycles shown in below post.
    5. Battery will settle after day-to-day use.
    6. Keep reporting about performance and battery life and if you liked it or not.
    7. Download Addon packages too and install. Careful, they may drain your battery faster.
    8. Show off and enjoy the your iPhone Slayer!!

    Tested: ** UPDATED **
    GPS, locks in 3 seconds. Please use FasterFIX app first one time to set your region and then reboot. After reboot, use NB AngryGPS - "Lock-on-satellite Test".
    If you are having problem with GPS try flashing other kernel from the OP

    Download Link:
    MIUI-NB 2.3.7 (1.12.2)
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    ROM03 DEC2 3 7 MIUI NB 1 12 2 "Smartness Meets Smoothness"

    It agree, it is a remarkable piece
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    the download link is not working...i request the starter to pls upload it to smother hosting site
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    link not working yet...any1 cares to change?

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