HTC [ROM] [29-03] TripNMiUI V4 - MIUI ICS | B008

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by TripNRaVeR, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. TripNRaVeR

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    I think its time for the next level of mobile entertainment, this time the long awaited upgrade for TripNMiUI.


    Mobile network (calls, data)
    Full HWA
    Video playback
    All HW sensors
    SD-Card mount to pc
    Display rotation
    MIUI Themes
    Videocamera 1080P, 720P, 480P, CIF

    This rom is NOT based upon the official MIUI but build from source (AOSP)


  2. dwcasey

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    Great work TripNRaVeR! Heard over on XDA you might be working on something, glad I found it :) So far...

    - Panoramic mode on camera displays a yellow interlaced image, but it appears that panorama capture is trying to work. You can start/stop it
    - The focus sound in the camera is cool, but loud, not sure where/how to turn this off
    - Going to Settings, About and System Updates ( use to be a way to boot to recovery from here ) will cause a "Unfortunately, Settings has stopped." I use 4EXT for recovery anyway, but wanted to test it.
    - The UI is so smooth. Much better than my previous go at MIUIAndroid's and Webstar1's UMI
    - Attempted to apply a lockscreen from Themes...Customize...Lockscreen and it won't take. It says Theme Applied, but the lockscreen doesn't change. This might be a MIUI v4 thing where the old themes aren't working on v4. I've trolled the net looking for some v4 themes and have found a couple, I will test those.
    - Attempt to change Lockscreen wallpaper says "failed to apply theme."
    - Did I mention that it's super smooth :)
    - Long press on home to show recent/running tasks works, but does not show memory used/avail at the top or it's showing, but font color is black and can't see it
    - Torch is working great from both lockscreen and the app

    edit: tried to apply this v4 theme and nothing took. It said it was in old format, then it said it converted it, but nothing changed.
  3. snguyen0730

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    None of the themes are sticking.
    However I do like some of the small tweaks that you made.
  4. TripNRaVeR

    TripNRaVeR MIUI Android Staff

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    I will update this rom with backwards compatibillity for gingerbread themes that fixes also the miui v4 themes
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  5. dwcasey

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    Did this and now that v4 theme worked
    "With root explorer or similar app, go to data/system and then create a new folder named theme there. It was a solution for early releases of v4 for sgs2"

    Everything worked, too. Lockscreen, fonts, etc.

    edit: other pieces of themes are now working as well...icons, lockscreen, wallpapers, etc.

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