[rom][5.4.16] Android 5.1.0 By Ivan

Aug 29, 2013
Yeah, it is nice. But, so annoying after everything is setup and configured, then all of a sudden the fade+reboot happens. I haven't used this Mi2A for a couple of years and I remember that a really nice AOKP ROM used to fade+reboot also. So I'm surprised it's still happening now with these new kernels.
Feb 28, 2014
Yes that's true. It's frustrating!
The best rom, bug free, for this device is still Miui v5.
I disagree, I strongly prefer kitkat 4.4.4 by ivan. It is just as stable as MIUI, has better RAM usage and it feels faster to me. What a pity lollipop roms keep rebooting again an again, hope they solve it sometime :(