[ROM] Anyone try this rom?

Aug 17, 2014
Found on BBS forum china


Rom Version HM NOTE 1W_bbs_2
Rom Name MIUI Developer Edition 201


MIUI Developer Edition 201
· New MIUI Developer Edition code
· WSM some well-known feature on the current version of the MIUI Some functions can not be perfect, say the time centered
· Currently the only other WSM update
· Time is centered in the development version has a feature (Settings - Notification bar settings - time centered)
· Backup software (Settings - Backup and reset) li
· reservations system update
· repair card after two hang undue alarm rang
· New by calls, the information bar Intelligent Notification
· Added harassment interception, adware function
· Added Network Assistant, saving flow function· Added first networking applications and user agreement prompts· new Thunderbolt high-speed download service· Added new interface Yellow Pages
· Added new off animation
· Added first time you start the app store, will not prompt the user to log in pop
· Added desktop display application store downloads, installation progress
· Join battery power usage information
· Jia Rumi four effects
· Jia Rumi 4 lock screen Styles and the entire wallpaper
· Join desktop settings, adding 4x6,5x5 layout
· adding custom features templates, set more practical applications
· join CRT lock screen animation switch
· Dual cards were added to the custom operator· Join WSM2.3.5· Join Mi- Tools 2.0.7 (already finished and landscaping logo)
· added SD card storage switching mode by default, you need built-in self-storage switching
· join super camera , self-timer beauty, a small part of the function can not be fully applied to MIUI, but can not erase function Powerful· Join MIUI camera switching mode to switch between the camera and the super camera
· join performance switch mode according to your needs, you can open the CPU to run the audit· Join camera voice switch, photographs, video, sound can be turned on or off focus· Join timing switch power, save, reducing sleep when the body's cell phone radiation· join screen assistant mi-pop a resurgence of classic screen assistant, can replace the bottom button· join calls flash also envy fruit machine calls to information flash flash flash effect it· adding any original Viper audio restoration audio sound details· Join goggles can adjust the color temperature and global nighttime mode control, you can create a desktop shortcut· adding functional test mode, the original engineering model comes quick convenient entrance, prudent use

Custom Function (Settings - Custom Function)
CRT lock screen animation
Mi landscaping tools
WSM landscaping service
operators to customize
the sound and screen
Viper sound
night mode color temperature adjustment and
storage switching mode
the camera switching mode
switching performance mode
timing boot off
night mode global
voice switch camera
assistant Mi-pop screen
incoming flash mode
to select the type of network
engineering debug mode

• Set - Custom Function -WSM
· into WSM- Click below to install - give permission - restart the phone
* into WSM- checked Mi-Tools, MiThmes and themes authorize restart the phone
· restart the phone, the theme of the store's theme will be able to freely Download an application · Set - Custom Function - MI-Tools· into MI-Tools- Status Bar - Clock - Clock position - center or center IOS style
into the MI-Tools- · Status bar - operators label / logo - Hide operators label checked
into the MI-Tools- · Status bar - operators label / logo - operator identifies the check
into the MI-Tools- · Status bar - operators label / logo - Select logo - choose
· Others set their own, set up After restart the phone set
Aug 17, 2014
It is a nice rom, its multi language, has WSM tools and Mi Tools built in
I rooted using V root, and deleted Chinese apps :)
Used google installer and all working ok

Also game data etc can be installed auto on to SD Card ;)

Any questions?

Antutu was ~27000
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