Invalid Rom-bootloop on Lockscreen


Jul 14, 2020
Good day , this is not a .eu bug but a xiaomi bug, but I hope I could find some help here.

It first startet a half year back, my k20 suddenly reboots and was stuck in a rom-bootloop as soon as I tried to unlock (so miui restarts not the entire device). I couldn't find the problem but could solve it with deleting the GMS app.
A couple of months later my dads mi10 lite also suddenly went to a bootloop ( He uses Global offical MIUI, I use latest beta ) He did a factory reset because he needed it asap.

Know, Yesterday it happend again , no reason but it is stuck in a bootloop.
I dirty flashed the second latest rom (an update for me, not the same version), but nothing.
I tried to delete Gsm app, ifw, package-cache, dalvik but nothing helped
I dirty flashed the second latest rom. Know it boots normaly again. NIce
One day later
It went straight to a bootloop again with no apparently reason.
Tried to delete the same folders and dirty flashed the newest rom from yesterday. It boots again. Nice
One day later
It happend again ? Now I have no new rom to apply, so what should I do ? where are all the files that stores settings or could couse such a bootloop ? And why are the /data/apps/ not in clear names anymore ? it's literally impossible to find a not working app anymore

* I could resolve it temporaly with quickly disabling wifi (?)
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