[ROM][MIUIv5][JB-4.2.2] AOSP MIUIandroid 3.6.28 For d2att

Sep 14, 2011
Blackwing182, Evo4gNoob and Darklichny Presents
Some images of how the Rom Looks :)
Cyanogenmod Nightly From June 28,2013​
Fixed NFC - Needs Testing​
added 3-way reboot​
performance settings, advanced settings​
performance improvements​
Optimization - Attribution database update​
Fix - In some cases "pre-written" messages can not be displayed​
Fix - When adding dialog box of private contacts, the Back key does not disappear after being pressed​
Fix - Adding image with high aspect ratio as an attachment might cause Messaging app FC​
Fix - Switching Xiaomi account results in MMS synchronization failure​
Fix - Reboot might cause "Show previews" feature to be enabled again after being disabled​
Fix - MMS thumbnails occupy too much memory and cause the program to run slowly or crash​
New - In “Filter Files”, "recording" and "ringtone " folders will be filtered by default​
New - Songs in Music can be pushed to Xiaomi MiBox​
New - Added desktop batch sorting mode (In edit mode, you can click the icons for multiple choice)​
New - Clicking on the recommended theme image can go to related web page​
Fix - Prompt error for authorization obtaining failure​
Optimization - Improved application stability​
Fix - In some cases , watching videos might cause FC error​
Fix - In some cases, using Flash plug-in might cause FC error​
Fix - Accessibility relevancy errors​

How To Install
Download Rom
Reboot Recovery
Wipe Data, Wipe Cache(Do Not Dirty Flash NO MATTER WHAT!!!)
Flash Rom
Reboot Phone - Fill the Welcome Screen till you se the Homescreen
Reboot Recovery
Flash Gapps - Do Not Wipe
Whats Working
You Tell Me
Not Working?
You Tell Me 2
DOWNLOAD LINK HERE - MIUIv5 JB4.2 d2att 3.6.28
Download Gapps From : GOOGLE GAPPS
KT MIUIv5 Kernel Download here : KT MIUIv5 Only Kernel