[ROM][MIUIv5][JB-4.2.2] AOSP MIUIandroid 3.6.28 For d2att

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  1. blackwing182

    Sep 14, 2011
    pilot of gundam wing ZERO
    Naranjito, United States, United States
    Blackwing182, Evo4gNoob and Darklichny Presents
    Some images of how the Rom Looks :)
    Cyanogenmod Nightly From June 28,2013​
    Fixed NFC - Needs Testing​
    added 3-way reboot​
    performance settings, advanced settings​
    performance improvements​
    Optimization - Attribution database update​
    Fix - In some cases "pre-written" messages can not be displayed​
    Fix - When adding dialog box of private contacts, the Back key does not disappear after being pressed​
    Fix - Adding image with high aspect ratio as an attachment might cause Messaging app FC​
    Fix - Switching Xiaomi account results in MMS synchronization failure​
    Fix - Reboot might cause "Show previews" feature to be enabled again after being disabled​
    Fix - MMS thumbnails occupy too much memory and cause the program to run slowly or crash​
    New - In “Filter Files”, "recording" and "ringtone " folders will be filtered by default​
    New - Songs in Music can be pushed to Xiaomi MiBox​
    New - Added desktop batch sorting mode (In edit mode, you can click the icons for multiple choice)​
    New - Clicking on the recommended theme image can go to related web page​
    Fix - Prompt error for authorization obtaining failure​
    Optimization - Improved application stability​
    Fix - In some cases , watching videos might cause FC error​
    Fix - In some cases, using Flash plug-in might cause FC error​
    Fix - Accessibility relevancy errors​

    How To Install
    Download Rom
    Reboot Recovery
    Wipe Data, Wipe Cache(Do Not Dirty Flash NO MATTER WHAT!!!)
    Flash Rom
    Reboot Phone - Fill the Welcome Screen till you se the Homescreen
    Reboot Recovery
    Flash Gapps - Do Not Wipe
    Whats Working
    You Tell Me
    Not Working?
    You Tell Me 2
    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE - MIUIv5 JB4.2 d2att 3.6.28
    Download Gapps From : GOOGLE GAPPS
    KT MIUIv5 Kernel Download here : KT MIUIv5 Only Kernel
  2. blackwing182

    Sep 14, 2011
    pilot of gundam wing ZERO
    Naranjito, United States, United States
    Im part of MIUI Porting Team so expect updates every orange friday
  3. manohar


    Jun 6, 2013
    is it really based on JB v4.2.2 ?

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