[ROM][Official][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 Nightlies for the Xiaomi MI2 (aries)

Jul 6, 2013
Troubleshooting/ FAQs
  • I am reading FAQs, am I ok?
    • You're the best ;) , but I'm not sure how you'll fell after you've read these things...
  • How can I enable Developer/ Performances Settings?
    • Go to Settings>Info>Click several times on build
  • How can I enable 4 way reboot (Recovery, System, soft, Bootloader) ?
    • Enable developer options, then go to Settings>Developer and enable Advanced Reboot
  • Why there's no HDR on camera?
    • Cyanogenmod does not provide closed source software, like drivers for HDR, you need to install Miui camera, or another camera from playstore
  • Why is there no Play Store or <insert gapp here>?
    • Since there are 2 system partitions they're small, and kk needs about 800mb to have a rom + gapps. There are 2 things u can do: First: install this gapps package this. Second way: use the repartition script of XiaomiTool to extend them.
  • Why is performances profile resetted every boot?
    • You need to enable Settings>performances>CPU>Set on boot
  • Why the phone doesn't fly if I enable airplane mode?
    • It's a WIP (work in progress) feature, now it works only if you throw it at 11,2 km/s² toward the space. It looks like there's no fix for this (yet).*
  • How can I enable adb root?
    • Go to Settings>Developer>Root access> Apps and Adb
  • How can I hide apps from trebuchet (launcher)?
    • Click Menu>Protected Apps> Set a "password"> Hide them
  • How can I charge my phone?
    • It looks like the xiaomi charger isn't enough powerful to charge the phone with cm. Here's your fix: buy a small nuclear reactor (you can find a cheap one on amazon or ebay I think), place the phone between the uranium fuel rods, power the reactor on and let the phone charging for about an half hour. It will be charged and it won't discharge again anymore.*
  • (I'm running art, it's very good and i feel better running it) This app FC... What can i do?
    • Switch to dalvik
  • Today I updated the phone and it's in a bootloop now... :(
    • Nice to get know you're enjoying art, switch back to dalvik flashing this

[DEV] How to build

Two Releases: Nightlies and Stable/Monthly
Nightlies and Monthlies are very different. YOU CAN NOT UPDATE FROM A NIGHTLY TO A MONTHLY WITHOUT A WIPE /DATA. Why? Simple, M releases uses a different branch and it's much older than the previous Nightly avaible, so this may cause bootloops.
So you can update from a Monthly to newer Nightly, but you cannot update from a Nightly to a Monthly. If you choose unstable branch (aka Nightlies) you shouldn't update via ota to Stable branch (aka Monthly), you need to wipe /data.

Other Info

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Jul 6, 2013
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Aug 26, 2013
Wasn't the "aries" name previously reserved for some Samsung phone? lol
Anyway, thank you for all your work, now there is finally an official CM build.
May 29, 2011
Wasn't the "aries" name previously reserved for some Samsung phone? lol
Anyway, thank you for all your work, now there is finally an official CM build.
nope it's just a common repo(a base code or a group for multiple devices). But these names aren't used as device names