Samsung [ROM][PORT] MIUI GB GalaxyMini [Beta 3][Patch2-Uploaded]

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by ajik69, Apr 27, 2012.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Other Screenshots:,tVqCq,wqTyk,1vUTO,KGZqx,tO951,fwMW9,DfmME,8dQPN,TLAYl,W7buG,r25zv,ePaHO,Xtv8u,b1UDh

    This is MIUI Gingerbread port to Samsung Galaxymini :D

    Thanks to:
    - Cyanogenmod Team
    - MIUI Team
    - Team Mac
    - MingYue for fixing battery icon
    - Ajrty33
    - mebitek
    - bravovn
    - Marinake
    - ahmadsafar
    - teamcooper
    - miuiandroid team (MarkHUK, fergie716, iBotPeaches, Pele, Andy Thomson)
    - Amri.NVR
    - Orihara Izaya (powercamg4)
    - etc...


    MIUI Gb Beta 3
    To download miui gb beta 3 Go to here ;)

    - added carier logo (thanks Amri.NVR)

    - added some script for perfomance
    - new base ( with mebitek cm7.2 v1.2)
    - etc :p

    MIUI Gb Beta 2
    MD5: CE32EDFB8BE75C3FF98B8F518350548B

    - fix theme ( you not to create "theme" at /data/system/ again
    - Resized launcher 96% fix for ldpi
    - fix the word at notification in page mode
    - Fix Bluetooth
    - fix 3rd app setting (Thanks to bravovn :) at xda)
    - can install app social like uber, ebuddy :D

    1. Your GalaxyMini must rooted
    2. Download the ROM
    3. Place to your /sdcard
    4. Wipe data, cache and dalvik cache :D
    5. Flash it
    6. and reboot
    7. Finish :D
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  2. ajik69

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    Reserved ;)
  3. woko

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    every time i apply the custom theme on statusbar, there's always have a black square on top left corner of the screen, beside the operator logo... anybody, want to give me some advice about this? i really love this ROM, thank you
  4. Rawlings

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    Hi, this rom is beautiful. the problem is the phone doesnt load SIM contacts. Any solution to this?
  5. ajik69

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    sorry for late reply :D because I'm very busy :)
    at my phone SIM contact is working
    press left key and touch show all, and press left key again and touch to SIM Contact ;)

    Update.. patch 2
    Go to here ;)
  6. Rawlings

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    Hi, i have downloaded your second patch, its working perfectly. The procedure you have told me is working. But i was asking if there is a way the SIM contacts can be read automatically by this ROM . Because you have to load them manually
  7. ajik69

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    Oh .. oke I understand ;)
    I will try to find the way :D
  8. sassahr

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    Is it possible to flash Galaxy Mini GT-S5570i with this ROM, or is it only for GT-S5570 (without "i" on the end)? I think I know the answer, but... No cost for asking.
  9. Meco

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    Hei... guys help me please!^^^! i have a problem ...
    I have samsung galaxy next (mini , i think) with android 2.3.6 ...
    I tried to install this 2.3.7 version of android , but , i have a serious problem.
    When i start my phone in the screen appear Indonesia CyanMobile Squadzone
    And the phone crashes ...
    In my phone i do backups without clockword but with go backup (go launcher dev team app) is for this that my phone crashes? help me pleaseee
  10. Aizac

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    this room can use in galaxy mini 2 ?
  11. roo

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    Is this rom fully usable and multilanguage (french especially)..?
    Should i better use one of the miui available on xda...?

    Thx !

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    lets start to miui v4 guys :)

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