MULTI ROM RELEASE THREAD RULES! - Final warning of bad conduct

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Nov 6, 2010
Since there is some people who chose not to use the SEARCH function, bother to read or check BUGS section. I am giving everyone fair notice that the following needs to happen for proper forum conduct, if people FAIL to do so, you will be ejected (Banned) and IP blocked from accessing the forum.

1. Check BUGS section for issues FIRST before posting, if someone has already posted the BUG / ROM version related then DO NOT keep posting the same thing again and again. It won't fix the issue any faster and it just causes aggravation! repeat offenders will be banned from this resource!

2. STOP ASKING for ROM ETA's, STOP asking why a ROM is not available for download, if its not there its NOT THERE!

3. English posting only - Foreign language posts in the ROM release thread are not helpful. Our team speak majority English for ease of communication. If you continue to break this rule on the ROM releases threads you will be BANNED permanently!

4. USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION FIRST (Top right of the forum header area) before posting your issue, someone may have already commented it (Likewise this is a CALL TO CHECK BUG SECTION AS WELL!). If you are TOO LAZY to check first then you DO NOT deserve a response or support!

5. Comments such as "buggy ass ROM", "crap release" etc will be deemed as defamatory and will result in an immediate ban! Likewise any abusive comments directed any direction.

Our group is made of volunteers, we are NOT paid to serve people, we CAN'T control Xiaomi internal bugs for the most part or design flaws of AOSP et al.

Every week there is the same tide of repeating comments, asking for ROMS and other such things. If you CAN'T be bothered to read / search first then expect to be banned! This is my final word as Site founder / admin, our team become tired of the same garbage posts by a minority of lazy people who can't be bothered to CHECK / READ before they post!

We are grateful to those who provide helpful feedback and comments and the community as a whole who follows the rules laid out when they registered.

Thank you.

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