Google [ROM] The Bundle: MIUI + English Pack + Gapps + More [0.12.3 v2.1.8] [12/5/10]

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    Hello and welcome to my first rom! The Bundle is based on the latest MIUI rom and includes everything you will need! I am not the most experienced dev so i will try my best to implement as many things as i can into the roms. :D

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility on anything that happens to your mobile device. This is completely your decision and your decision only to flash.

    0.12.3 v2.1.8

    0.12.3 v2.1.7

    0.12.3 v2.1.6

    0.12.3 v2.1.5

    0.12.3 v2.1

    0.11.26 v2.0

    0.11.19 v1.9.5

    0.11.19 v1.9

    0.11.12 v1.8.1

    0.11.12 v1.8

    0.11.05 v1.7.1

    0.11.05 v1.7

    0.10.22 v1.6



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