[ROM]Xiaomi Hongmi(Red Rice) - REDMI Unique (MIUI5,Stable 16, 3G on both cards)

Nov 17, 2013
Hi all. Mi new ROM is Born. Its based on Binbische Port 4.8.1 and Stable 16 with my fixes
ROM is only for MTK based REDMI. Not REDMI 1s
1. All 4 cores works. With Perfomace mode and CPU Power saving mode disabled Antutu score cca 17000. MTK Tweak set to Maximum gaming perfomace, Ram to 1 GB Recomeded .Hotplug as default. Without MTK Tweak 16480 - 16 680 . Tested from me and my friends .See screenshot
2. 3G works on both SIM cards (3g switch in menu)
3. Working Auto brithness and proximity senzors
4. New Settings menu
5. ROM is multilanguage (98% Translated)
6. MTK Tweak translated and support many langagues (En, SK, Cs, ES, ...)
7. Cleand as posible ( WSM, ES File explorer, Xiaomi Authenticator, Viper) Thats all.
8. GPS and EPO Fixes
9. Edited Build.prop (changed only ROM name and BT name)
10. SIM Toolkit working on Both cards
11. Minimal auto brightness set to 10
12. Translation fixes
13. New flat style theme (other themes, stock can be installed with .zip file) UI looks like Android L
14. Many tweaks and bug fixes. I cant remember
15. OLD EMAIL from Stable 16
16. Stock camera (sorry Ultimate not working) You can dowload any custom cameras from Google Play Store
17. New Scripts for better CPU load, SD card read speed, improwed memory (low memory killer and VM)
18. Init.d native support
19. Replaced MIUI browser with nice, lite and fast alternative (MIUI browser causes FC)
20. Fixed lockscreen - for now working PIN code security in lockscreen
21. Patched Hosts (update to 07/2014)
22. Viper Sound Mod integrated
23. Xperia T as native keyboard (Stock Android keyboard removed)
24. Stock Radio without RDS from Stable 16
25. New Settings menu with USB mode switch
26. New Stock settings (access engineering mode, Mi Pop , WSM, Mi Tools , MTK Tweak)27. You can play with phone Storage . Choice place to install apps (phone, external SD cards)
28. ROM is multilanague with added new langagues (or updated)
  1. Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Hungarian ,Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Thai, Turkish
29. You can choice USB mode in Settings menu and Enginering mode in Stock Settings
Copy the CodeMany langagues not mainainted. Sorry not bug in ROMs, not updated data on github.
And other many tweaks.
ROM is mixed with 4.7.11 , 4.7.21 and Stable 16
See on screenshots.


1. Make a full BACKUP( CWM , TWRP)
2. Factory Reset (dont skip, cause bootloop)
3. Wipe System partition
4. Install ROM from .zip archive
5. Instal latest update
6. Wipe Cache

Reboot and enable Root

Warning!!! Dont skippe Full Wipe. Cause bootloop.

Installation from older my ROM 3.1.x
1. Wipe System partition
2. Wipe Dalvik
3. Wipe Cache
4. Install ROM from .zip archive5. Flash latest update or Download updated ROM
6. Wipe Cache
7. When phone boot, Settings FC. Dont wory. Launch Settings, go to Apps, look for Settings and delete Data. Your accounts will be not wiped.8. Launch Themes and reapply default theme

1. Fixed 911 bug
2. Phone memory and SD card now both [size=15.555556297302246px]available
3. MIUI Browser is back
4. Improved Stock Settings - more options
5. FM Radio record to SD card
6. Fixed Cleaner layout
7. Fixed translation for EN langague on Change LED colors
8. For new instalation - you can choice Data Usage limit for both SIM cards.
9. Cleaned system partition - user apps moved to data patrition. You can uninstall user apps without Root browser
10. Cleaned system/app - deleted Google talk, Stats ...
11. Added apps that MIUI leave from stock ROMs - Transfer
12. In Settings - battery - Perfomace mode shows currently used profile - perfomace, balanced
13. Default theme and lockscreen changed to Mi4
14. MIUI browser support flash - check IPAD compatibility
15. Added Dolby Sound mode16. In Stock Settings updated support for Lenovo Super Cam, Viper, Dolby Sound, Flash - external CN app - when you have call - torch is ON , you can choice default GSM mode
REDMI Unique 3.2.0_repack.zip 413.2 MB

Addons - Install from any recovery
LenovoSC_v3.6.7_Permissions_Removed_moded.zip 65.0 MB


SuperMarket.zip (925.83 KB, Downloads: 28)

OLD version moved to archive

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Ok. We found some bugs in 3.1.3 version so we release 3.1.4 version..

Update Pack from 3.1.1 to 3.1.4

U can upgrade from 3.1.1-3.1.3 version

    • Fixed not working OTA app (so u will get ota on 3.1.5 version..)
    • Fixed crackling sound when audio rocording
    • Fixed framework (Still bad time on lockscreen PIN, we're working on it
Update Pack from 3.1.1 to 3.1.3

Latest changelog for 3.1.3:

What's new
  • Full OTA support
  • Fixed SchedulePowerOnOff FC
  • Fixed Fonts
  • Updated EMAIL
  • Fixed PIN security in Lock screen
  • Updated and translated framework

From now all future updates distributed by OTA package .

Known bugs:

See bug report on this shared document


This is my best work with mi secondary DEV and friendMrRo-otCz
Developped cca 1 weaks.
Enjoy your new ROMs.
Hard work from me and REDMI team from www.miui.cz . See you​
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Jan 17, 2014
Sonic, thank you very much.
I know it's hard to find time for a project like this.
Can't wait to test it :)

Can you please clarify GPS status?
Feature list says it is fixed:
8. GPS and EPO Fixes
And the in the bug list:
4. New location services (Epo and AGPS not works) disabled MTK settings in ROM.
What exactly is fixed, I'm currently on stable 13 and both work fine?
And is it just disabled in new rom? EPO and AGPS both can be enabled/disabled via Mobileuncle tools.
The only problem with EPO is that the default server is overloaded all the time and epo download fails. Can be fixed with dedicated app from google play or via manual download from alternate location - I tested both methods and it works fine with stable 13 rooted phone.
Nov 17, 2013
EPO and AGPS from Settings menu not works. Both tweaks inside ROM.You can use Enginnering mode translated to englisch to download AGPS and EPO. Tested and working.
Open Settings go to Stock Settings. Last untranslated menu.
EPO and AGPS in location menu is from MTK. This settings not works
Accurate is 4 m . First fix longer but GPS working fine with cars or Endomondo
Or use Mobile Uncle Tools , Faster GPS . Many ways, same result
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Aug 5, 2011
I think the build.prop file is a mess.
I start to see a padron in you, the way you organise posts the build.prop etc. You are a bit like a mad scientist :)
Also I keep advising people to never mess with the phone partitions as this will endup in corrupting the IMEI and so on.


Jan 17, 2014
Do you maybe know from which server it downloads EPO data?
Because by default it's hardcoded in the framework to epo.mediatek.com.
BTW, are the partitions (internal and external SDcard) in the same order as in stable 13?
I have some software that stores data on external SD and it gets quite lost if the partitions are changed :(

Yea, I noticed it too. Some strange characters and a bunch of question marks inside the last couple of paragraphs.
Maybe some codepage problem when porting this from chinese.
Aug 5, 2011
Not only that but several bunches of wifi tweaks spreaded apart, instead of be all line up by topics and organised


Jan 17, 2014
I'm more interested in MIUI fixes that Sonic integrated into ROM and he is doing a great job about it.
As for the init.d and build.prop tweaks you mentioned it is probably from the original ROM that Sonic based his on.
I don't care about tweaks (and antutu score) as long as these don't cause any problems. I did take a look at one of binbinshe's ROMs and description looks very similar - a lot of tweaks.
I'm going to try this ROM in a next couple of days and see how it works :)
Jan 7, 2014
Once again dowload the rom on the phone , on the ext ssd card.
By flashing an error copy it with the Twrp manager to the phone memory same error.
So backt to flash the original rom and from then try it.
No want to download on computer do i get an error from mega that file doesn't excist
Jan 7, 2014
Try redownload, corupted .zip file

Odoslané z 2013023 pomocou Tapatalku

Oke i will try it again, but still strange that on te PC Mega does not download the file complete some times stuck by 81% other time 54%

At last after two hours fighting and flashing , got it working.
And directly one fault in a translation under option developer
Animation scale forgot the Zero now it looks like .5 instead of 0.5
Second some translation of the icons is not complete
Galery= Galerij
Themes= Themas
Notes= Notities
System= Systeem
More Apps= Meer Apps
Authenciator does not now the translation but this prog is complete in Chinese
Usb modelswitch also

Ota updater say that there is a new rom
This update will update version Redmi Unique V5_2.0.1
to V5_2.0.2
which is strange because the installed version is V5_2.0.4
Some things missing in the calendar the overview of appointments
In the phone and contact the groups now i have all the contact instead of separated in groups
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Jan 17, 2014
this is a joke right?
buil.prop is heavily modified with old build.prop tweaks (ICS)
Read the first post: Based on Binbinshe port...
Sonic took already prepared ROM and added his own fixes and apps.
I'm also a bit skeptical about all the build.prop and especially init.d tweaks.
Now, what I would like to see is vanilla stable 13 multilang ROM with all the fixes Sonic made :)
If it is possible without all the mentioned tweaks.
I think we should not dissect this ROM, but try it and see if we can contribute somehow to a better MIUI experience :)
Jan 7, 2014
Read the first post: Based on Binbinshe port...
Sonic took already prepared ROM and added his own fixes and apps.
I'm also a bit skeptical about all the build.prop and especially init.d tweaks.
Now, what I would like to see is vanilla stable 13 multilang ROM with all the fixes Sonic made :)
If it is possible without all the mentioned tweaks.
I think we should not dissect this ROM, but try it and see if we can contribute somehow to a better MIUI experience :)

And point to the developer what is missing or what could be bettter.
Positive critic
Aug 5, 2011
Idon't wish to be badly understood, but what i meant to say is that build.prop tweaks are just rubish and nothing new as the tweaks available already exists for more than and year.
Not only they are not new but they don't have any effect in JB roms and if they have its more a negative impact than positive....
I'm no dev but I used to play a lot with build.prop and what I realised was that the tweaks applied the ones I thought that improved something was just placebo and in fact was draining battery or the wi-fi wasn't working as good as before, etc etc.
May 27, 2014
I installed the rom, but unfortunately when I unlock the screensaver back to the symbol of miui and does not allow me to enter the code unlocking sim.
Apr 28, 2014
Hi, maybe this is a strange request but what does it take to unroot the ROM? I just want to permanently apply some of the changes and remove root after that

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