[ROMs] Redmi 1S WCDMA/CDMA Stable Version JHCCNBF31.0

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Redmi 1S WCDMA' started by Pasko505, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. Pasko505


    Jun 3, 2014

    The new update is out .... what are your impressions? Personally, I hope that finally solved the problem with 2G/3G auto switching bug with siganal.

    I quote from the official forum what is officially changed:

    • Fix - Two SIM cards had the same IMEI code (07-14)
    • Fix - Sometimes failed to turn on and off data quickly (07-18)
    • Fix - Wireless display had graphic glitches in the first two minutes (07-18)
    • Fix - Connection problem for some VPN (07-24)

    • Optimization - Simplified display method of WeChat/Google+ accounts etc. in contacts detail page (04-16)
    • Optimization - Set QQ as default IM when adding a new contact (04-16)
    • Optimization - When sending contacts information using SMS, the contact's recently used number will be marked (04-16)
    • Fix - Sometimes, opening unnamed contacts would cause app to FC (04-15)
    • Fix - Call logs could be seen in Guest mode (04-16)
    • Fix - When managing SIM contacts, the app might FC if you reenter it after exiting by pressing the Home button (04-16)
    • Fix - When adding an extension number to contacts after calling it, the number would show incorrectly (04-16)
    • Fix - If set a contact's birthday to February 29 without choosing the year, it would show as March 1 (04-16)

    • Optimization - Support recognizing time information in a message and adding it to Calendar (05-21)
    • Optimization - When writing a new message, cursor will automatically go to text box after choosing a contact (04-23)
    • Optimization - Show pop-up notifications when clicking URL in MMS (05-06)
    • Fix - App might FC if chose contacts repeatedly when writing messages (04-23)
    • Fix - Cannot delete MMS after failed to download its content (04-23)
    • Fix - Mistakes in showing 'From XX' in the Starred page (04-23)
    • Fix - Choosing 'Top up now' after receiving the phone bill for SIM card 2 would show the number of SIM card 1 by default (04-23)
    • Fix - Notification messages' avatars didn't change with themes (04-23)
    • Fix - Sometimes app might FC when enabling cloud messaging in Mi Cloud (04-30)

    Clock / Calculator
    • Fix - Sometimes alarm clock delayed in ringing (05-21)

    We have 3 versions, stable, global and multi-language.

    Links are here

    Redmi 1S WCDMA/CDMA Stable Version JHCCNBF31.0 Download Link

    Redmi 1S WCDMA/CDMA Global JHCMIBE31.0 Download Link

    Redmi 1S WCDMA - Stable 31.0.0 Multilang Download Link

  2. Philip Petev

    Dec 12, 2013
    Correction: the global version is taken down for bugfixes.
  3. Pasko505


    Jun 3, 2014
    True, I confirm ... to me it unnecessary global version because it just crammed with google apps
  4. Philip Petev

    Dec 12, 2013
    Yeah, they are there... until the next full wipe, then the only remaining apps are Google Play Store and Google Settings (along with the Google Play services).
  5. Pasko505


    Jun 3, 2014
    I use the version offical v31 yesterday and it seems that things are finally sown into place. I tested yesterday 2G/3G signal and the connection is not interrupted. Yesterday's cell phone was on the charger 2h (0-100%), he was chargeing off. I take the combination to put the clean ROM, because I was still on version 24 so I could not make the OTA update. When I made manually it stuck in the boot.
    Rooting was made with file for rooting v 29. Testing continues, and we will see.
  6. gliuk


    Aug 2, 2014
    Hi, just upgrade to this version (multi), found a problem on email widget, it is not showing the mails even when I choose the inbox. It stays with the message touch to setup. Has anyone had this problem?
  7. Well, if you has two sims and 3G enabled the lancher restart and you have to type in the Sims password again.

    Regarding to battery....improved a lot but it still drain fast.
  8. Gluto


    Apr 19, 2014
    My experience is on V31 is:
    When applied as update without wipe and reset on V24,
    A better reliability and sensitivity with 3G network is observed, and especially with roaming between Free and Orange in France. Some menu improvements are fine...
    But a few days after the upgrade, my phone began to heat, became slow and it drains the battery in half a day...
    The cause is the µSD management... Something became corrupted.
    Something strange appears with my µSD Sandisk ultra 64Go, looking as a permanent access...
    Never appends before with this µSD with Hongmi 1 different versions and 1S V24
    NB: Hongmi 1S does not effectively supports the SDXC 64GB (exFAT) , it only offers the conversion of the 64GB card to a FAT32 file sytem, as i was used to externally achieve before with Hongmi 1.

    When V31 applied with a complete wipe and reset:
    My network on the wifi channel 13 is not received any more. (French language selected a boot?)
    Other wifi lower networks are seen, and modifying my network on a lower channel is OK also.
    Not seen on V24 and V29...

    µSD Sandisk ultra 64Go heat problem still present, despite formatted and verified as "good" under windows...
    Xiaomi music application don't want to see any of the 2700 music files on the µSD, but these files are accessible and readable with the file explorer...
    The same files and folders copied on a recent Samsung Evo SDHC 32GB FAT32 are perfectly seen...
    NB: this is not the µSD which heats directly , but probably a permanent controller activity due a corruption of the SD which is not seen by Windows when inserted in a reader... Very strange...

    First Hongmi 1 offered with the first firmware versions "Charge only", "Mutimedia device" and "External file storage" when connected to USB.
    Now only "Mutimedia device" is available, file transfer speed is very bad, and it often crashes with very big files...
    Proper deconnection of the USB is sometimes impossible with W8...
    It may be the cause of the µSD corruption.. Deep Format operation will be achieved before drop it in the trash...
  9. doongoo


    Jan 20, 2014
    Already installed multi. No visible changes, better antutu result as earlier (x 5 version)

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