Rooted or not? And some other questions


Apr 13, 2014
1) I recently got hold a MI2S 32GB, and this is my first time using MIUI. I am familiar with flashing and rooting with the other ROMs. But I do have some questions.

The MI2S was installed with official 4.4.4 which I then updated to 4.4.11 via Updater app. I understand that to have a rooted Xiaomi, I either have to install a rooted ROM or use CWM. I chose the former. I downloaded the unofficial 4.4.11 rom from and installed it via the Updater app. Am I correct in installing the unofficial 4.4.11 via the Updater App this way without wiping? Or should I have wipe data and cache via recovery? Also what I have found after updating to unofficial 4.4.11 was that some of the original Xiaomi app are gone for eg. Mi I assume that I have updated correctly.

Hoping that I have root now, I installed an app which requires root. Unfortunately it still shows the same message about root being disabled and to enable it via Permission Manager. So do I have to enable root within the Settings?

2) What bloatware apps can I get rid of after gaining root access?

3) I only have about 23.8GB available to me which I read that others have 28GB available. Doesnt seem right.
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Aug 20, 2011
Root is to be enabled in Security Center - Permissions.

As for bloat apps... there's none in our rom.

Everything is ok with your phone. Enjoy.

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Nov 10, 2017
Hi guys! After reading a lot of posts through this forum I need to ask more or less the same kind of questions. When I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Pro, it was supposed to be rooted from China. Once I received it, the root checker app is saying: "Root access is not properlly installed". But I really want to do is to unroot my phone due to I can't use some apps becuase of that. After checking the security options and permissions, following all the steps, I can't see the option of Allow root access in the permissions. Does any of you have the same problem?

My data: Android version 6.0 MRA58K; MIUI version MIUI Global 8.0 | Stable