New Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 v5 3.5.10 Soft brick bug

May 11, 2013
Hi guys. I've recently installed v5 3.5.10 on my SGS2. I'm currently facing soft brick issue once the battery gets really low on my phone. My phone would freeze and then shut down. I cannot boot after that. Perhaps it may be the kernel problem, or the rom problem, I don't know. I hope there is a fix for it. Does installing the latest Siyah Kernel solve this issue? Can anyone confirm?

I just want to highlight this issue to the developers so that they can fix this critical bug.

The only bug preventing us SGS2 users from using MIUI. :(
Apr 11, 2012
Whts happening on my S2 is tht I suddenly loose network.. n then for a micro send the network comes back and then disappears again.. this keeps on happening.. so I have to shut the fone down.. remove battery and then put it back and start it again.. but what happens is if my battery was at 80% after the reboot it will drop down ro say 25% and then after a while it goes up to 30% and then evenetually will go up to say about 50...50% n then stay there .... :( and also the fone heats up... :(
May 11, 2013
Hmm. I guess the major problem is still the soft brick issues. Battery drain and all isn't important right now. I hope it really gets fix in the next builds or so! :(
Apr 20, 2012

This is exactly my problem.. it's keep going with me along time ago.. and with many many version of MIUI

Somehow.. from version to version it's work out..

I always backup with titanium (3 times per day) and with CWM (2 times peer week) and when it's crash I restore it from CWM and then from titanium..

Before any install to any version.. I make sure to format everything.. system cash dalvik internal and external memory..

So.. What is this problem.. I can't tell for sure..

But I do have a lot of batteries.. (more than 7) and when I need it I trun it off and replace it with a full one and get back to my phone..

The problem is when It's lag.. and restart it.. or even fund it restart.. I can't log to my phone.. it's just read the Samsung log (the one with the triangle under it) and can't read anything after that

before.. I was able to restore it with (fix permission) or (format dalvik) but now I can't.. even with advance restore and try to restore boot..

So.. is there any hope to get red of this annoying problem.. hope so :)

If you need anything to know this issue better.. just ask and I well do it.. I well format my phone now for the fourth time this month.. hope it's the last :)