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    Hope this helps someone. I watch a lot of stuff through the MHL cable and I don't find the MIUI video player to be as good as the samsung one. In particular, the MIUI one doesn't display subtitles.

    There are other 3rd party players, but I didn't find any as good as the default samsung one.

    Anyway, just in case anyone wants it, here it is (I didn't upload this btw, it's from an XDA thread):

    To install:
    - Get ES File explorer or another file app that allows root browsing.
    - In ES File explorer enable the root options and mount file system
    - Copy the file downloaded above to the system\apps directory on the root of the device
    - Reboot your device

    That's it. Hope that helps someone who's a fan of hardware decoding + subtitles!

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