Sd Card Not Recognized


Sep 21, 2017
hello community,

my phone an Xiaomi Redmi 4x - Global Rom - MIUI 8.2.5 - 16gb version

i tried to exchange the Micro SD Card from my old phone to the new one and it doesnt recognize the card. A screen ask for delete and format the SD Card. i agree and during that part the process broke up for unknown reason (view attachement 1-3).

the facts:
- i tried with different SD Cards - SanDisk Ultra 64gb HC1 and a 32gb version and a 8gb version.
- i formatted all on my mac to ExFAT or FAT32 with same result
- the cards worked before well on other phones or as a SD Card on Mac or Pc, and they are still working

it must be a problem with the phone, does someone has an idea how i can fix that?

thx so far,


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