New Second Space desconfigures music app from main space (20.7.30)


May 6, 2020
Hi guys I found this bug since last update, and it continues appearing in the actually version. The problem starts when I go to my second space and back to main space. Immediately music app (I use Cosmic Player) desconfigures, I have the app with black theme, and other things that fit my use but when I enter to my space all went like when I recently install the app (including music because I have to find the folder with the files again).

I hope you can help me with this bug that I found.

P.S: Pip mode doesn't work either but I found a trick. While you're watching your video in Youtube Vanced (for example) you can go to control center and press "settings" and automatically you could see the mini image of the video in a corner of your phone. Maybe you could do something with this thing.

Thanks for your time and your work guys