Security - MIUI kernel open UDP port without known reasons

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by Haran, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Haran

    Haran Members

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    Hi guys,

    well it' s few weeks that i try to understand why MIUI (1.3.11) (1.3.18) kernel (not the only) open by default the UDP port 13010

    (try a netstat -a or use "quick system info pro" or the tool you prefer)

    In first i was thinking that this port was used by google for programs like chrome to phone or services like remote app installation/uninstallation and after some searches i found this post on xda :

    well as you see the real problem is that we cant know what is the proces that use that port, if you use command like this:

    /system/xbin/netstat -tupln

    you will see that all the open ports returns the PID/program except the 13010.

    The conclusion of that xda thread was: "the port are used by chrome to phone"

    WRONG! why?
    1)the port is present even if you dont have chrome to phone installed
    2)if you block the port with iptables :
    iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 13010 -j REJECT
    chrome to phone still work, i personally tested.

    I also tried app installation through web interface market and all works despite the blocked port.

    At this point i had some tests with different roms and i find that:

    miui stock with english or italian translation present the "issue"
    miui_au doesnt present the "issue"
    miui from (doesnt remember the page) present the "issue"
    redux present the "issue"
    CM7 doesnt present the "issue"
    oxygen doesnt present the "issue"

    As i suspected almost all miui roms have the open port and surprisingly also redux (gingerbread)

    I focused on miui_au to find that is the only on miui group that have a different kernel so a flashed stock miui from this site than i applied english translation and then the vorkkernel, the result was a completely 13010 port free rom :)

    Now after all this ink and searches i think that the kernel is guilty and i m here to find some answers :)
    Ilooked around but there is no mention about this port on documentations i found, are there someone that know the reason of this open port?

    the only references i found on the net about this port, talks of trojans (but tcp)

    I m not the kind of guy that jump to conclusion but also i m not the one that are glad to have not documented open ports on his device

    Thanks all for the attention and patience, i hope to find some answers, bye
  2. commodoor

    commodoor Members

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    this is really intresting thnx for bringing it up. hope we get answers
  3. verboze

    verboze Members

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    LOL, the paranoid in me did a quick check. I don't have this port open on my Evo. However, I'm using savaged-zen 0.21, so this issue may be specific to the kernel bundled with the MIUI ports you've listed. I therefore don't think it's a MIUI issue, though it baffles me why the kernel itself would need to open a UDP port?!? Are you sure it's not some app running in the background doing this?
  4. Haran

    Haran Members

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    Thnks guys for answers and for keep this thread alive

    you confirm my thesis, your version has a different kernel and not the stock so it didnt present the issue

    I agree that is not specific miui issue because redux (gingerbread) rom has the same problem, it would be helpful to know what redux and miui have in common

    I did MIUI and redux fresh installation without any extra apps or account and the issue is present, also as i wrote on the first post, changing the kernel make the problem disappear so at this point i dont think it' s an app. I also cant understand why kernel needs this port and why it's masked (remember that we cant find the process that open it)

    Someone can tell me if the new ginger miui version present also this open port? Did new version too is based on CM?
  5. ukanth

    ukanth Members

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    I am running MIUI Gingerbread, and the port is not open. I guess MIUI by default enables users to send logs to remote servers (Settings>Personal>Security and Privacy > Upload Debug Log)

    I think this port is something to do with that.
  6. Haran

    Haran Members

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    Good observation, i m quite sure (but not totally) to have disabled that but i will make some tests during the week because now i m on oxygen so i have to reflash.

    Happy to hear that gingerbread version is clean

    thanks for your contribution
  7. Haran

    Haran Members

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    I disabled the debug upload but the port is still there

    Im wonder that no devs can answer my question or are not interested to dig this case
    it would be helpful to hear their point of view
  8. Haran

    Haran Members

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    MIUI kernel is not opensource??

    I tested ginger version and i confirm that the port no more exist, so it s a froyo MIUI kernel issues
  9. EndlessDissent

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  10. lukyjay

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    Hahahaha, I love people who reply without reading the actual post they're replying to.
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