Security Updates / WPA3 /OWE


Jan 23, 2018
I am a bit disappointed that the Mi Mix 2 has stopped receiving security updates considering that the last one is dated 2019-09-01 (MIUI Global Friends using the Pocophone F1 are on a January 2020 patch and I consider the Mix Series a Premium one compared to Pocophone.

The Hardware on the Phone is still more than enough for everyday tasks but, since Xiaomi is not giving us Android 10 with automatic security updates through Google Play, we are dependent on Xiaomi Security patches.

My question therefore is whether we can still expect at least Security Patches and if yes, when?

Also, is there any way of enabling WPA3 under Android 9 on a Mi Mix 2? Better yet OWE/Enhanced Open (Opportunistic Wireless Encryption)? My router supports both and, for me this is also a (moderate) security concern.

Please note that I thought I had posted this yesterday but, the post no longer shows neither in the Forum nor under my Posts. Should it be double I apologise in advance.