Several issues


Dec 11, 2010
Before I say anything about the issues, I would like to say this is a great project with great developers. No ROM is perfect, but this one is pretty close. My phone is a Moto Droid 1. The issues I have for the most part are below:

Wifi tethering/ portable hotspot - The option for this in the "settings" of the phone doesn't work. When I try to start it up, it says "error" and that's it. As an alternative, I use the android tether app and it works.

Gmail and other upgradables - We shouldn't have to remove the .apk from /system/app or use a third party application to uninstall this just so we can install it from the market. I would say either leave it off or figure out a way to let it work with the market. (Auto-install on install maybe?)

DSP - Most modern ROMs I've used have this. Is it buried deep within the phone or is it just not included? It's so useful and would add to the overall usability of the ROM.

It's a little bit laggy - Even with it clocked at 1.2, it still doesn't want to be as smooth as "those other ROMs." I don't see why it couldn't be.

Now to some these might not even be issues, but having a great ROM means having the functionality I need as well as some new stuff that's exclusive to the ROM. I saw on your homepage that you are getting ready to mark this as final, but please don't until it's shiny like a new car :)