Resolved SGS2 Serious issue: BOOT LOOPS Since NOVEMBER Release

Feb 18, 2012
Sgs2 boot loops since november miui release.Whats wrong with miui?

If i update even using the default Theme, it breaks my os and it REBOOTS a few seconds after booting. Also there is chinese video player App as well in latest and not english. Is there any fix?

Only last october release works still without problems on my phone. Both of November's are badly coded. Also another weird thing since the first november release, Android System keeps asking for root permission on boot, and same happens in second nov release. MIUI is really messed up. Will this be fixed ?
Aug 10, 2011
you have to do a clean install and keep the miui/theme folder empty
if it boots and you setup your phone again, go into theme manager and import your themes from sdcard and your well

ingbrzy ROM leader
Staff member
Feb 11, 2012
just installed 2.11.9 from 2.10.26 without wipe /data and all works well....

- clean MIUI/theme folder,
- set default theme
- clear thememanager data
- reboot to CWM
- install 2.11.9
- install gapps
- reboot
Nov 20, 2012
i m facing the same problem in 2.11.19 built, I cleared the theme folder from MIUI directory but the problem still exists, also i did full wipe and installed the latest built but as soon as i flashed gapps the problem reappeared, please can anyone tell me a proper fix to this, for now I have rolled back to 2.10.26, n i hope tht it wont b a fix to this :))