Should I flash on a Global Redmi Note 7? Why?


Apr 1, 2022
Very basic question, I know, but I searched here and elsewhere, watched videos, and couldn't get to the bottom of it. I did find the same question asked before, but then was then, and now is now, given particularly that MIUI and development have stopped at 12.5 (or haven't they?). I could only find very minor differences between the Global and EU ROMs, and it doesn't seem to justify the cost and risk of unlocking the bootloader and flashing the ROM (does it?). The only major one--sorta--is the stripping out the ads in the EU ROM, but I've already opted out of all ads on mine. The benefits of the EU ROM seemed to be there when it would churn out China ROM releases faster than the Xiaomi did to the Global ROM--and still I was never compelled to jump ship--but now that development stopped for that phone, there seems to be little to no point of it at all (is there?).


Feb 15, 2019
You'll be able to:

* Fully Backup/Restore of the device Apps+Data from Xiaomi BckUp tool (It can't be done on Global)

* Create Schedule options (Automated Tasks)
They not exist on Global

That's the most I use since came from China version.

Take in count, you will lose L1 if I recall, so check before about that.

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