Signature Spoofing enabled


Feb 25, 2021
Is it possible to have Signature Spoofing enabled on the ROM?

I tryed NanoDroid with Magisk but installing this module the system will not boot giving error about starting services.jar and I have to remove the module from TWRP to make it work again.
I want to install MicroG, probably not the only one, but they don't work without that feature.
What can i do to enable it or will be enabled in future versions?

Other users request: @midaspt
and more here:

I found this answer here:

Quick answer for that: Signature Spoofing is a feature that allow apps to impersonate themselves as other apps. It works by faking the package signature of an app as the one that the app is trying to spoof.
This feature is common among microG users, as it is required for microG's custom implementation of Google Play Services to work fine.

Long Answer:
In that Github there is even a link with a patch that can be done building the ROM that is used in LineageOS roms I think: here

I hope you will consider my, and our, request and apply that patch or even better let us enable it with a toggle in Developer Options for example so only conscious users can enable it knowing what they're doing. This ROM is so awesome and I prefer to don't search for another ROM for this thing.

Igor Eisberg

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Oct 6, 2016
And you don't see the problem with that? What you're asking is a major security loophole. No way.
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