New Signing in to xiaomi account error

Aug 2, 2014
Registering to any Xiaomi, MIUI, MiCloud account is getting mad as far as I'm concerned...I think we Europeans be better stay away from it for a little while...the system (theirs) is simply not mature enough to welcome us.
I might try to describe my experiences but I'm just too puzzled to try to make any sense....anyhow I try:

About the official forum - if you input a fresh username and a pass and confirm your account via email confirmation...then when trying to enter a discussion in the official forum you are asked for a nickname? (otherwise you'll not enter the forum)...but the nickname (you got no option but to create one) isn't recognized?! of course isn't recognized - they didn't ask for one in the first place!!! Wait...the worst still to also say that the email "already exist"!!! you basically can't create and associate any nickname to YOUR email. So, it seems like you are barred from entering the forum...
That's for that forum...the backup with MiCloud (via Xiaomi Account) is very baffling right seems I backed up my images - but I can't access them?! Yet, I managed to backup my contacts somehow.
The SIM registration directly from your phone doesn't work - here it should be more straightforward as I'm using hardware...still I get error messages about my SIM not being registered...

Sorry for the convoluted and confused description...(that's a fair representation of the problems...I mean the confusion).