SIM activation problems/hotspot without internet


Jun 13, 2018
Please help me to have an Xiaomi Mi4s device that currently runs MIUI 10, MIUI bx 10.1.0 NAJCNFI (Stable) which I downloaded from I use the device with two SIM cards and neither SIM can be activated by the system, after a continuous attempt the SIM card could not be activated, the activation message could not be sent. I have already tried to set the system language to English, and I did not succeed, and I checked that the Xiaomi activation service is enabled to send sms, so this should not be a problem either. The phone works perfectly with the internet with every SIM card, but when I want to share the internet on a mobile hotspot, there is no internet message on every connected device. Does it have anything to do with activating the SIM card, I think because before I had another MIUI v7.5 running on my device, I had no problem with this hotspot internet. Hope you can help. Thanks