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Discussion in 'Theme Development' started by qknet, Sep 16, 2011.

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    I've been modifying minor things in the great Leather theme, originally created by bmeh, and I find it quite boring and annoying to repeat a series of actions:
    1) Zipping
    2) Naming to mtz
    3) copy to theme folder
    4) Flash the theme

    With a little help from a friend, I came up with a short command line script which do step 1-3 in a single click. Hope it help those like me. :D
    for %%* in (.) do @set F=%%~n*
    7za a
    ren %F%.mtz
    adb push %F%.mtz /sdcard/MIUI/theme/

    I hope someone can give the command for the step 4. :D

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