Slider quality

Dec 9, 2017
Here is an article in Chinese from Xiaomi on weibo where they try to explain in detail the thinking behind and implementation of the slider mechanism.

Google translate cannot handle this in an understandable manner.

If someone here knows Chinese and could translate this for us, that would be super.
Forget it , just marketing advertisement
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Dec 2, 2017
One wonders to what extent the magnetic sliders might interfer with the compass.

They have implemented a double-rail slider construction.
No-one (like *rigseverything) has yet to take one apart to look at the actual construction?

"Xiaomi MIX 3 added a group of residences in the upper motherboard area of the mobile phone.
Small slides arranged in the middle
. . .
in the experience, the large + small double rail design can also improve the sliding body
Test, avoiding the sway and looseness of the single slide structure"