[solved] Any Working Recovery On Miui 8?

Oct 3, 2015
If getting stuck in TWRP, just put it aside and wait for about 2 mins until the screen's off.

Then you'll found your TWRP working perfectly.

I don't know if this is an individual case.

If this isn't, this bug should be reported to the developer team.


Today, I tried to update my Mi5 from MIUI 7 6.5.19 to MIUI 8 6.6.16.

After I flashed 6.6.16 in TWRP and booted into 6.6.16, I rebooted my phone into recovery mode.

Then the screen just stuck on the TWRP homepage, it seemed the touching function was dead.

(Well... Some people from miui.com also reported this problem of cofface's recovery which is packed in xiaomi.eu's MIUI 8.
I don't understand why they still use this recovery.)

I also tried other recovery on miui.com after that, but none of them worked. (CWM just made it bricked...)

I just gave up and flashed back to MIUI 7.

So I wonder if there is any recovery working on MIUI 8?
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