New (solved ) Back Button Closes App ( Does Not Step Back To Previous Menu)

Jul 1, 2014
Looks great and seems to have some nice new features however I have one issue that is driving me crazy.
My back button closes the app rather than stepping back to the previous screen (menu).
For example if I am in my photo gallery and I open a photo, then I push the back button I do not get back to the gallery. The app just closes. Then when I open the app again the pic is still showing and not the gallery.
This is also happening on facebook and setting and all other apps.
Please help.
Thank you
Xiaomi MI4 with Miui 7 installed.
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Jan 13, 2017
I have problem that is similar to this one...I have Xiaomi Redmi Pro running MIUI 8 and everything worked great and than, all of the sudden, back button started opening the recent apps panel. I dont know what to do...I Just cannot go back when I am for example browsing the web or I am in some apps, when I press the back button it opens the recent apps panel. I was looking in the settings but nothing there that can help. Please Help me!
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