[Solved][Mi 9] Help troubleshooting call problems


Jul 8, 2018
Hey there. Recently I’ve encountered a problem which I haven’t really been able to troubleshoot.
When I try to make a call I receive the following error message: “Mobile network not available.”
I can receive calls and send text messages. I did a factory reset and my problem was solved until 3 days later when it reappeared unexpectedly. I also contacted my carrier, and we came to the conclusion that there were no problems on their front. My SIM card also works flawlessly on other phones. I tried to manually select my carrier’s network and change between 2g and 3g but to no avail.
I really don’t have any ideas on how to solve this problem. I’m on 20.6.18 and will update later today unless you’d like me to do something before. Worth noting that when updating from the previous version the problem remained.
All help is welcome! Thanks in advance.

Edit: Updating to 20.7.2 didn't solve the issue.
Edit 2: Solved. The problem was FDE.AI, a (great) Magisk module. I'll report the issue to the creator.
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