[solved]unicode Stripper After L

Aug 23, 2013
After L update we lost our precious Unicode Stripper. I am trying to find an alternative SMS app but
1. Go SMS hasn't this option more
2. Messenger by Google it says that it has this but no
3. 8sms is really old GUI and i hated it
4. Handcent SMS is the only one but too bloated

What do you suggest to me. Does anyone find a good solution? Whatever is this.

UPDATE! After months finally @sebsch1991 did his magic move. Unicode stripper is back, lets strip now! www.smiui.net under the mods section you can find the links and the instructions.

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Sep 21, 2013
That sounds like a show stopper to me.
One possible workaround could be to use a keyboard, which strips the Unicode in messaging apps.
This has two caveats though: you screw your dictionary and it may apply to other apps (like Skype).