New Some apps cannot access internet while connected to data

Jan 25, 2015

I have an MI 4 with MIUI 6 installed. I've had it for a few months now, and though it took a while of getting used to (I used to have an iPhone), it seemed to be working fine.

For about a month, I've been having the problems stated in the title. Some apps can access internet when I'm on data (3G or H+ usually), e.g. Whatsapp, Gmail, but others cannot access internet anymore as soon as I am not on wifi anymore, e.g. 24heures, c:geo, browser. Chrome sometimes can and sometimes can't.

I have not changed anything in the settings between when it used to work and now and have no idea what is causing this. Tried rebooting, resetting APN. I'm thinking of installing Cyanogen because this is quite an annoying problem... what's the use of paying an access to data if you can't use it ??

Hope someone can help !
Thanks in advance =)