New SOME apps can't be installed (low memory)

Apr 19, 2013
Hello ya'll
Device HTC Sensation, ROM 4.2.21 (but problem persists since 4.2.7).

Some of my apps (at the moment three of them: Viber, PowerAmp and Facebook) can't be updated. All other apps have been updating fine (like Skype and whatnot). The message is, that there is not enough free memorym though I got 221 MB internal memory free (after downloading the packages before error message still 134 MB), which I assume should be plenty.

That's confusing, especially as other, bigger apps can be updated alright.

What have I done so far: Cache and Dalvik cache cleaned, some apps deleted to make even more room, cleaned using "Security > Cleaner", used Clean Master, Cache Fixer, MarketFix, Market Fixer, deleted the cache and app data of the Market.

As well I tried to delete the apps(s) and reinstall then, without success (had to recover from the backup I made before).

Yes, I could do a clean install, but that's a) a pain in the neck and b) for Windows ;o)

Any advice? Thanks.