Google Some Bugs After Install MIUI 2.2.10 Nexus S!!!

Discussion in 'Other Devices' started by greatmahar, Feb 15, 2012.

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    I have installed MIUI 2.2.10 on my Nexus S and found out that some of these prev features are missing and some bugs:

    1. Contacts can't be filter by show only have phone no.
    2. Phone Ringtone is set but it didn't change.
    3. Hold the Home button opens up the LED Light.
    4. Root access can't be enable.
    5. I want to change the font at Themes, The font on SD Card and can't find from install sd card Function. My Font is TTF Type.
    6. When i am talking on Phone, keep on hearing the sound of lock ringtone.
    7. Compass application is not working.
    8. Picture Unlocking features is missing.
    9. At the Setting, Data usage can't be open.

    Hope to be get the fixes very soon!!!
    Thanks to all the bros who create the ROM for your efforts..

    Best Regards,
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    Hey greatmahar,

    Assuming you did a clean install (Factory data reset / cache wipes.. :) )
    If you have lost your root access, then flash CWM, then flash Superuser, then go to Advanced - Fix Permissions....
    That will give you back your root access and a sticky recovery....

    Hope this helps and sorry that I can't help you on any other points...


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