Some questions about Knock on and Android L

Jul 9, 2014
Hi, is there a way to get knock on feature (DoubleTap2wake) on xiaomi Mi2s Devices ?
I heard that we have to use franco Kernel, who's available for mi2s.
Some one know if a ROM based on Android L is planned for Mi2s ?
I say that because Nexus 4 already have Android L, and these devices are similar.

Thx by advance ! :)
Jun 10, 2013
Im pretty sure Android L can and will be ported to mi2s. But not now, its still a preview, and so not worth all the trouble. You need to wait untill the official L will be released. Unless you want to take the time yourself to port it :p
Feb 26, 2013
You've heard half of everything, so let's make clear somethings:

1)KnockOn or tap2wake depends of touch driver reverse engeneering since Xiaomi don't release that and M1cha has other(or better) plans
2)Franco Kernel was ported as a test to CM11 unofficial by M1cha and no other releases since then.
3)Android L was ported from Nexus 5(one of 2 official devices) to Nexus 4 with help of several developers. We have a few good ones too for Mi-2 but since it's a beta don't worth the time and effort to do it, so let's wait until a real release to port it.