Some Questions About Miui 7 On Mi4c

Jan 23, 2016
Hello everybody i'm a new and happy owner of a mi4c
It's the first experience with miui and i think it's great, but i have some questions about it
(I hope this is the right section)

1. The calendar app it's great but it's possible to change the calendar color? I have 3 calendar with a dav account and all are purple it's possible to change the color individually or at least of all
And also how can i copy an event? It's happend that i have a same event two different days there are any way to copy the first one to another day?

2. The built in function of call record it's great, if i set the automatic call record is there a way to limit the number of days to keep, forma example delete all the record older than a month?

These two are the most important question for now let me know if you can help me, thanks

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