Some questions for rooted devices / devices with rom: findmyphone and payments with nfc (ING DIRECT)


Apr 16, 2019
Hello all.
I registered here so as to get answer to my questions, please do not hesitate to tell me if I posted it in the wrong forum or if I did something wrong

I have been thinking in changing my original room by the one of, as I am feed up with Xiaomi not allowing me to change the themes if it doesn't come from it's theme application. I also want to know face unlook too in my region. That's why I want to change my rom to the one of Xiaomi. Does it include all I said?

It is also important for me to know if I will be able to use NFC payments. I have ING Direct, which application is used by me to make payments on POS. On my older rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4 it wasn't possible for me to make NFC payments to work through ING application. Will it be possible with roms? I don't mind if I have to unroot the device once I have the rom installed.

Also I would also want to know if features such as findmyphone would be usable after the rom change, as I want to have some security in case I loose my phone.

Thank you for your reading / answer!


Jun 8, 2013
Just change in your gloabal rom your country to hongkong, then face recognition works and the app theme is back again and also works.