Some Xiaomi Mi2 issues

Jan 14, 2013
I have been facing some issues in my mi2 for sometime now and I just wanted to know if other people are facing them too and if they found any solution.

1- Wifi Hot Spot does not work. It used to work before update to V5. It just says 'turning wifi on' and thats it.

2- Receving and making calls has glitches. People sometimes have to call me two or three times to get connected. Their previous calls show up as missed calls. Sometimes when I call someone it just gives a tone and it says call not completed. I have to try two or three times to get it to work. I have all my contacts saved in international format like '+ countrycode area code phone number'. Can that cause a problem?

3- Getting OTG to work has been the most frustating experience with mi2 for me. It is very random. I have to twist cable, remove/connect several times for it to even recognize.

Apart from all this, I still really like this phone.
Jan 14, 2013
Tethering works for me only through usb. Wifi hotspot just hangs on 'turning wifi on'

I cannot change my carrier. They are the best available in the area.

I will try to get hold of another OTG cable.


Apr 2, 2013
I had some problems with tethering wifi in v4 (didn't install v5 yet) and I can confirm the usb otg problems (I'm using the original xiaomi cable, where's your god now...). As far as the radio problem goes I flashed the 3.4.5 and all the problems got solved (no h+, problems starting and receiving calls).