Something to try.


Apr 20, 2011
I absolutely love MIUI. However I would like to request a modification for anyone willing to try am implement it. I have tried and failed miserably multiple times.

I came from using CM7 with ADW launcher. ADW had an option to hide the taskbar from view and you could even imput swipe options to show/hide it. I know that I can use ADW as a seperate home screen and use it but I am partial to the MIUILauncher. So, does anyone know how to accomplish this or am I s**t out of luck lol.

Oh, and the ability to hide icons would be fantastic. You know like a toggle could be added to Show/Hide selected icons.

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May 1, 2011
Yeah, changing individual icons/names would be nice as well.

I don't use adw anymore but love these features

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