special characters in sms


Aug 2, 2011
anyone has problems with special characters in SMS ?

for example im from Portugal and we use special characters like "ç" and "ã" for example ..

but the "ç" instead of using 1 character from the 160 per sms .. it uses like 10 ou 15 characters ..

if i write the word "coração" instead of using the 7 characters of the word .. it uses like 20 characters .. because that 2 special chars ..

this is very annoing because sometimes with just a couple words with special chars.. it sends more than 1 sms (160 chars)

in GOsms is an option to activate regional settings .. just to go arround this problem and it counts the special chars like a normal char ..

is there any option to do this in miui ?

i know i can install GOsms .. but i want to keep the default sms app